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When we say “Natural” we mean it.

We are Garrett Valley, a family-owned, family-operated company dedicated to selling only the finest all-natural and organic meats. Because we’re independent, we can set standards of natural that are higher than the industry standard.

Unlike other Natural brands, Garrett Valley only sells meats that are all-natural to its truest definition—always free of added antibiotics, nitrates, nitrites, preservatives, and artificial ingredients. This is true now and from the very beginning.

Back in 2001, Lou Colameco founded Garrett Valley for one simple reason: he feared his children were eating too many overprocessed meat products that had no health benefits nor nutritional value.

Today, we’re in business to make natural mean what you think it should mean.


Southworth Brothers Ranch | Seneca, Oregon.

We never cut corners in raising our natural meat. In fact, we take extra steps to make sure the meat on your table is only the highest quality. This is at the heart of what we do.

Our animals are never given growth hormones or antibiotics during their lifetimes, and animal by-products are never used in our all-vegetarian feed. We even make sure our farmers protect the purity of their farmland from pollution and water runoff.

We never pump our meats with extra water to inflate their weight. It’s quality you can actually see—our bacon barely shrinks when you cook it.

We’re meticulous about testing our products to make sure they match our word, and we make sure certain USDA standards have been met or exceeded from start to finish.

Even our agreements with our partners are natural. Lou makes all of his deals with a handshake—it’s more valuable than any piece of paper.

Why do we do all this? Because it’s the right thing to do and the right way to do it.


Believe it or not, animals do not need to be humanely raised in order for it to be called “Natural.”

At Garrett Valley, we simply don’t agree. The comfort of our animals, both during their time spent on the farm and during harvest, is top priority for us and our partners.

Our animals eat what they’re supposed to eat—an all-vegetarian diet, without any animal by-products. They’re free to roam, and always have access to clean, fresh drinking water.

These standards are maintained by only working with the best livestock farmers.

Not only is it simply the right thing to do for our animals, it makes good business sense—a stress-free animal yields higher quality meat.


Our commitment to clean, natural meat doesn’t stop at our products.

Our headquarters in southern New Jersey runs on solar energy, and is fitted throughout with energy efficient bulbs. We run a paperless office, and recycle all paper that comes our way. Even our roadways are made from recycled materials.

All company vehicles run only on clean diesel fuel. We’ve worked with transportation specialists to limit the number of trucks we use and decrease their travel time. And we invested in a nitrogen fill system which inflates all our vehicles’ tires with pure nitrogen. Nitrogen-filled tires maintain a more constant pressure, which helps conserve fuel and keeps tires running longer.

We’re committed to selling high quality natural meat, and leaving a small carbon footprint while we do it.


Lou Colameco leads his company to reflect his own cherished values: commitment to family, community, and service.

That’s why Lou and Garrett Valley are involved in a number of community organizations, working with those committed to doing good for other people.

* Founder of the Barbara A. Colameco Cancer Transportation Fund
* Board of Trustees Member for Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey & Philadelphia
* Founded the Wellshire/Colameco Family Scholarship at Malvern Preparatory School
* Member of the Board of Trustees at Malvern Preparatory School
* Founded the Wellshire/Colameco family scholarship at St. Edmond’s Academy
* Gloucester Country Hero Scholarship Ride Major Sponsor
* Delaware County Abate Toys for Tots Major Sponsor
* Ride for Heroes Major Sponsor
* Ride for Autism Speaks Major Sponsor
* Founder and Official Sponsor of the B.A.C. Walk to Wellness
* Founded the Barbara A. Colameco Scholarship at Gloucester County 4H